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Kelvin Joseph

“As Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Steiner Sports, I am at the intersection of Sports Marketing and Finance. A CPA, former CFO and business owner, I utilize my extensive experience in business consulting to help businesses grow and profit by identifying and leveraging sports, athletes, and major events for their company’s business More Info »

Rich Cave

Rich Cave understands that being a successful entrepreneur requires more than just starting new businesses it requires the right attitude, passion, and determination to achieve success. Mr. Cave displays all of these qualities, a philanthropist with an entrepreneurial spirit; he is a leader and a role model in the Long Island business community. A keen More Info »

Mike Cave

As a widely respected business leader, Mike Cave understands what is required for a business to be successful. Tenacity, confidence, and openness in adopting change are all qualities carried by Mr. Cave and are qualities that each business needs in order to thrive. His innate understanding of this, an ability to strategize the best plan More Info »

Michael Passantino